Saturday, February 11, 2012

DaY 3 oN yOUngEviTy!

   Tonight Mr Cancan and I were discussing whether or not I'm noticing any difference from the vitamins and minerals I've started taking from Youngevity. I'm already noticing a little difference.
   On a typical day, I take what I call my "wake up" pill (Nuvigil). It's a medication for people that can't stay awake throughout the day on their own. Dr.'s prescribe it mostly for people with Narcolepsy, but also other illnesses like Fibromyalgia. Nuvigil works wonders for me, but I usually feel the need to take that with an 8 oz (or whatever the small one is) sugar free Red Bull so I can get going before the pill kicks in. I usually get through the day pretty well, but often need to take breaks and lie down to rebuild my energy.  
   At about 3:00 or 4:00 in the afternoon, I'll often have another 8 oz (or whatever that small one is) sugar free Red Bull to give me enough energy to make dinner and finish up my day. A lot of the time I only need the second Red Bull because I forget to eat lunch. Well, yesterday, I got up at 9:30, the time SN woke up, and ran some errands, made a poodle skirt for a super fun Sop Hock we went to tonight, went to a seminar, and then all the other day to day things moms and wives do. I did need my second Red Bull in the afternoon, but I had so much energy later in the day that I couldn't fall asleep until 4:30 this morning!
   I was not expecting to have a very good day, today. One of the most important elements of taking care of yourself when you have Fibromyalgia is a good nights sleep! Mr. Cancan let me sleep in until 11:30, so I slept, but I didn't sleep soundly last night. This morning, I took my "wake pill" but I didn't take it with Red Bull. In the seminar I attended last night the speaker was the Dr. that created Youngevity, (Dr. Joel Wallack) and he said not to have carbonated drinks with your meals because it affects your bodies ability to absorb the nutrients you need from food, and the same with taking Youngevity vitamin and minerals. Also, don't have carbonation an hour before and after eating, for the same reason. At about 1:00, I did have a Red Bull, but probably didn't need it. Now, it's 10:14 PM, and I am going strong! I have to say I'm impressed.

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