Monday, December 12, 2011

Mondays EquAl FaMiLy

The Can Can Clan

To me my family's everything
We have a lot of parts.
We're somewhat untraditional,
Here's how we got our start . . .

Mr. Can Can fell in love with a special lady
Together those two crazy kids had two special babies.

Can Can wasn't Can Can yet (still Shu shu to those she new) 
And lived far far away
The time would come and fates align to bring that happy day.

Shu Shu met a different man and married him
Thrilled to be a wife.
What she didn't know is after two sweet baby girls
She'd have a different life.

Mr. Can Can had to say goodbye to his special lady
Then moved on to someone else who's more than just a little crazy.
Gratefully one good thing came from someone so very lazy
A bright light in Mr. Can Can's life, another wonderful baby.

Shu Shu met another man, a wolf dressed in sheep's clothing.
Though she escaped the wolf, out of the darkness came a gift,
A beautiful little munchkin who's healing powers were swift.

Now all the kids were born and fates could now align
Mr. Can Can and Shu Shu could meet for the first time.

The two were matched in matrimony,
But that doesn't end the story.
In fact we have to add some more to explain all of the glory.

Two more kids came into the lives of the Can Can clan,
Although they aren't related they feel like they've always been.

Mr. and Mrs. Can Can are filled with so much love
They can't wait to bring more children down from Heaven up above.

Now you know our story and though it's not the end
It's been a great beginning, all of which is a God send.

By Can Can

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